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Project Description
Some small but sometimes helpful additions to ASP.NET Dynamic Data such as custom Attributes, RowsGenerators etc. This project is in a very early and experimental state. Please do not rely on any code provided here. Some source code coming from other authors is annotated as such.

Any source code provided here is released under GPL Licence version 2 (GPLv2) (see License Tab).

Many thanks to Stephen Naughton ( who provided many of the classes included in this project's source (those sources are under Creative Commons License).


To get this release working You will need

- .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
- ASP.NET Dynamic Data Futures and/or ASP.NET Dynamic Data Preview 4 (works with both, but both ways not with all functionalities)
- ASP.NET Dynamic Data Filtering (for filtering additions)

Project layout and usage

The project file consists of two namespaces which serve as "additions" to the built-in namespaces of .NET Framework 3.5 SP1:

- System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.Additions
- System.Web.DynamicData.Additions


- Add reference to the DynamicDataAdditions assembly to project.
- import namespaces needed (see above) in class files (use DataAnnotations.Additions in entity meta data partial classes, and DynamicData.Additions in page / field templates and application logic classes).
- In page templates, set AdditionsFieldGenerator as row / column generator property on data bound controls, such as GridView and DetailsView, along with reference to the MetaTable instance of use.
- In page templates, set FilterablePage as base class instead of System.Web.UI.Page, and add filter controls as needed, to get filter functionality.
- Make use of the provided extension methods and utility methods when developing custom attributes and/or custom row / column generators.

Please note: All these features make only "one half" of code, whereas the other half should be implemented within your custom field templates (some sample field templates showing the intended functionality will be provided here later).

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